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Mitre Power Technology is the North American branch of Mitre Engenharia Ltda which is a leading Brazilian, international provider of energy solutions and services for multi fuel steam generators.

For 37 years, Mitre is a recognized supplier of complete turn-key energy solutions and our clients turn to us when they need affordable, top quality, custom made, on time, reliable, dependable products.

Our values

Mitre is not only committed to delivering top notch quality products and services, while always offering and maintaining ethical, transparent and respectful relationships with its clients, employees, community and collaborators.

For the last 37 years, we have built our business on these values and because of these guidelines, we have always been known as a trustworthy, cooperative and reliable company to work with. We have built loyal relationship with many customers that have kept their business with us for almost 4 decades.

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Live Steam
Emission Control
Auxiliary Emission Treatment
Primary Gas Treatment Equipment
Secondary Gas Treatment Equipment
Burning Systems
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Our range of equipment and solutions include both boiler parts and complete turn-key solutions. If you need either industrial fans, industrial automation, pollution control equipment, power generating equipment or custom made boilers, for over a hundred of different setups, Mitre can help you.

Our engineering department has been highly regarded for its solid scientific based knowledge and Mitre has been awarded dozen brazilian nationally recognized prizes along the years

Live Steam

Up to 700 K# / Hr | 1700 psig |107 MW

Emission Control

Manual samples analysis

Online Continuous Gas Measurement

Auxiliary Emission Treatment

Limestone Injection

SNCR (selective non catalytic reduction) NOx Out Systems

Primary Gas Treatment Equipment


Wet scrubbers

Dry Scrubbers

Secondary Gas Treatment Equipment

ESP (eletrostatic precipitator)

Bag house

SCR (selective catalytic reduction)

Burning Systems

Dump grate for bagasse

Mitre Firebox for biomass and bagasse

Fluidized bed for lower emissions

Fluidized bed for coal



The Bechelan Family runs a small locksmith shop in Salima, Lebanon and sell home-use heating boilers.


Marcelo Mitre, CEO, spends a year at Foster Wheeler, in Ontario, Canada, sent by Zanini. Five years later, Mitre is founded.


Mitre Engenharia is founded by engineers Marcelo and Fatima Mitre and start their operations retrofitting sugarcane bagasse boilers.


The first Mitre project in Paraguay starts up. Currently, there are four operating sugarcane biomass boilers.


First Mitre Boiler to be constructed in Central America, in Mexico, followed by eight finished and ongoing projects in El Salvador and Guatemala.


Mitre has developed more than 200 hundred projects in Brazil in 32 years. The first Mitre Boiler in Peru is built. In 2012 Mitre gets another project.


Supported by the 3rd and 4th generation of the family, Mitre opens its US office in Fort Lauderdale-FL, to better assist the current and future projects in the US and Central America.


Accomplishes over 210 projects, including retrofits and new equipment, in seven countries, becoming a technology reference source on power equipment for industries in South and Central Americas.

The Mitre family boiler history began almost one century ago. Mitre Engenharia was founded in the city of Salima, Lebanon.

In 1889 young Nacif João Boan, greatgrandfather of the current generation, works with his brothers and uncles in the family’s locksmith shop fabricating all kinds of mechanical goods common for the time, including handmade heaters (small home use boilers), used for lebanese sweets making, as raleuwe, rahat, bablawa, halwa among others that are consumed in Lebanon even today.

Between 1910 and 1926, the Mitres migrate to Brazil where they settle as merchants in the city of Claudio. Their vocation for the mechanical work remained and in 1952, Rachid Mitre, nephew of Nacif João and uncle of engineer Marcelo Mitre (Sr) creates the “Libaneza” foundry witch is operating to this day.

In the seventies, the newly graduated engineer, Marcelo Mitre is hired by Zanini SA to work with steam generators. In 1976 he is sent to Ontario, Canada, where he spends a year at Foster Wheeler Ltd with the mission to absorb technology and bring knowledge back.

After nine years, he leaves his boiler development directors position in Zanini SA and in 1982, engineers Marcelo and Fatima Mitre founded Mitre Engenharia Ltda. It starts operation with two pioneer retrofit cases for the, newly created, Brazilian ethanol market. In the 30 years that follow, Mitre plays a key role in the development of the national sugar and alcohol market completing over a hundred retrofits of existing equipment and many dozens of new boilers. All done with Mitre’s own technology.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s the fourth generation of the family now joins the staff and the company grows in size and importance. The range of equipment now includes bagasse boilers with outputs around 450,000 pounds per hour of live 1000 psig steam reaching temperatures greater than 930 degress Farenheit.

Over the next decade the growth curve continues and today Mitre supplies complete turnkey solutions, in several countries, for several markets, including alcohol, ethanol, sugar, sweets, rice, cooking oil, tomato sauce, thermo-electric power, among others. Its products include steam generators that can be large enough to deliver 700,000 pounds per hour of up to 1700 psig and 1050 degrees Fahranheit live steam. Generation can reach over 105 MW of electric power in a single module.

In 2013, we expanded operations to North America with the creation of Mitre Power Technology in Fort Lauderdale FL. We strive to offer our services and solutions, which have been constantly evolving over the last 40 years, for burning bagasse, wood, garbage, grasses, straw, rice hulls, coal, fuel oil and gases among other fuels and wastes. We seek to show that creativity, top quality engineering, common sense and courage are the key ingredients for an efficient, technologically sound and environmentally sustainable development.

These are our principles.



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